Voicemail Text Notification

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Voicemail Text Notification

This is something that I've always been puzzled about. Been with Fido for nearly 12years now and I still find it odd that when a voicemail is left Fido sends out a text message (18) to the cell phone rather than having the cell phone activate the voicemail icon built into the phone. What's the reasoning behind this?



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Re: Voicemail Text Notification

Hey @ChicoQuente!


Thanks for posting Smiley


We'd love to help out with this, and I'd love to clarify what's going on!


All our newer plans come with mini voicemail. This option allows you to save and have up to 3 messages in your voicemail inbox. It's not a visual voicemail so the little indicator for a voicemail will not pop up as you need to call in and listen to the messages. To let you know you have a new voicemail, we send you a text message to notify you. 


If you wanted to benefit from the visual voicemail feature that your iPhone offers, we do offer that option as well! You can add our $7 value pack and enhance your plan with awesome features including visual voicemail for iPhone! The value pack will give you:


- Name Display (to add on to your regular call display)

- Premium Voicemail-To-Text with 35 voice messages  or iPhone visual voicemail

- US & International Premium Calling Rate to mobile and landline phones (just 1 cent a minute to the US, and other countries start at 2 cents per minute!) detailed rates can be found here :

- WhoCalled

- 2,500 Call Forwarding Minutes


If you'd like us to add this option for you, you can contact us through any method found here or let us know and we can send you a PM right here on the community!


I hope this clears it all up and that this info was helpful Smiley



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Re: Voicemail Text Notification



We do appreciate your feedback and we will make sure to forward it to the team in charge.


Right now, this is how our voicemail works. However, we are always looking to improve our service based on what the customer needs.

We definitely don't want to see you go. Hopefully, you can change your mind on this.



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Re: Voicemail Text Notification

I too have issue with voicemail notification.  I used to get notified in my text so I know I had a voicemail, but lately I don't get anything. So the voicemail gets full (by message mostly from telemarketers that I didn't answer their call), because I don't get notified and there is no more room for important messages from work or family member.  I HAVE TO check my voice mail often the delete those unwanted calls/voice messages from telemarkters so others can leave me a voice mail. I called Fido and they didn't help at all!  

A while back a family member said they could not leave a voice mail for me because the box was full, however when I checked my voicemail, it said no more messages. Then I contacted Fido and they said they will fix it (by reseting/somthing) from then on I don't get any notification.  

I am thinking because of this issue I should leave Fido and go to other providers.

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Re: Voicemail Text Notification

So, there are 6 pages of customer dissatisfaction about the lack of VM indicator and aside from an up sell Fido still won’t give a VM indicator.  I don’t know what the problem is because all other providers have this. Without having to subscribe to a pricey visual VM that I don’t need or want. I just want the red dot back that I had with both Telus and Rogers. How hard can that be to provide?

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