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Very unhappy with my service (or lack there of.)

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I accidently shattered the screen on my phone today for the first time (my fault for dropping it... I understand) so I contacted Fido to see what my solutions were. I was advised to contact Brightstar to replace my screen as I have been paying for Premium device protection. Fair enough. I called their number and was advised by the agent that I could submit the claim by myself online and he did not offer to answer any of my questions such as (would I receive a loaner phone or ETA) then hr said have a blessed day and let me go. I went ahead and did the claim but the follow-up email didn't answer my questions so I called back. The lady on the phone who answered had screaming children in the background (I understand many people are working from home) however she kept pulling the phone away from her mouth and interrupting me. I disconnected the call and called Fido customer service who advised they could not call Brightstar on my behalf due to technical issues I was then transferred to retention who told me to call Brightstar again which by that point I Replied no so then I was transferred to the retention supervisor who said he would call them for me then the call hungup and I am still left with ZERO help and a phone that doesn't work...



Hey @Ollie1987,


Welcome to the community. 


I'm terribly sorry to hear you're having a hard time getting the answers your need.

Usually, a loaner phone isn't provided since screen repairs are usually treated either same day or the day after. Repair shops take about 2 hours to take care of this. By submitting your claim online you'll be given an option where to have your phone fixed near where you live. 


If you have other questions, feel free to post them here.