Very Poor Cell Reception

Very Poor Cell Reception

Very Poor Cell Reception

I'm a Participant Level 2

Very Poor Cell Reception

I live at South of Edmonton, near southgate. I work mostly at downtown core and UofA.


Many times there is no network, often time call drop occurs, even I can't send SMS. 


This is a very poor network. 


Hey @bmsirajeel


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I am sorry to hear your facing complications with your services in that area. It is pretty odd as we provide a pretty decent coverage there.


Can you please clarify the following for me: 


- Have you always experienced this or is it something recent?

- Does it happen everywhere or only when you're at work around University of Alberta?

- Which device are you using?

- Have you tried your SIM card in a different device to see if the issue persists?


Let me know.

I'm a Participant Level 2

I am a new user of Fido. Just using Fido for about 1.5 month. And facing this problem from the beginning. 


I am using Samsung Galaxy A8 that came with Fido as a package.


No matter what, I am in motion or stationary, I face this problem. 


Moreover, the network often goes to roaming status and I lose my browsing pages in the middle of something. Very irritating. It takes a good 2-3 mins to get back Fido network. 


I am quite sure, there will be no connectivity in highway. Regretting about retiring from my previous network, which was so good even in the highway. Don't know how can I bear with this worst network for the rest of the two years.

Having connectivity issues is never fun thing bmsirajeel, 


We'd like to go over the details with you. 


You can reach out here or we can send you a PM!


Let us know what suits you best Smiley