Unknown Caller

Unknown Caller

Unknown Caller

I'm a Participant Level 1

Unknown Caller







The first 11 digits represents my number. This is what is showing on text message once this unknown call come thru and I could not even block coz there is no number showing on 'missed calls' but on voicemail I hear people chatting on the background for few seconds. These calls are mostly done during 8am onwards for a few seconds. Even if I try to engage and take the call, no one speaks. So, bottomline they are doing this just to annoy people.


This has been going on now for weeks.


Any help, ideas to stop this?



Former Moderator

Hey @iamjess!


We haven't heard back from you, were you able to figure this out? 


If not, could you give us more details? The text message notifications you're receiving, are you referring to voicemail notifications? 


Let us know! 


Hi @iamjess


If I understand correctly, you receive calls from unknown numbers and following that, you get text messages from 12345678901/type=plmn@mms.fido.ca, correct?