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Terrible wait times and price gouging

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have been on hold with the billing department for an hour now. Who knows how much longer it will be? They are playing the same songs over and over, which is minor but after an hour I've heard them all five times now. It's like they're deliberately torturing us into giving up! The whole reason I'm calling is because they charged me an additonal $32 dollars this month for going over on my data. Has anyone ever really thought about how ridiculous this is? The internet is not a tangible product. Me accidently leaving an app open all day (which led to this) is not taking data away from other customers, nor is it costing Fido a product that they now can't sell to others. The internet is infinite and this parceling out data and adding extra charges for going over is just price gouging for the sake of it. And what will this extra charge be used for anyway? Actually hiring enough staff to reduce on hold wait times? What are we really getting for our money from this company? I would never recommend Fido to anyone and if you're here considering signing up with them then my suggestion is to run the other way. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @Jayme1!


It's important to note that your price plan will include a set amount of data to use. You can confirm your plan's details to view how much data is available:

  • Online on
  • On your Fido mobile app
  • On your Fido invoice (PDF version)

As a side note, our price plans now include the Data Overage Protection (DOP). Meaning that once you've used up all your data, we pause it so you don't get any overage charges. 


However, if you're still using an old price plan that we no longer offer, it might not include the DOP feature and your overage will be billed as per the applicable pay per use rates. You would also be able to confirm this info on your invoice.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I'm still not paying for the data overcharge. As I said, it costs Fido nothing when people go over on data. And given that Fido stole two hours of my life keeping me on hold, I'm considering us even. Which is generous considering that my time, unlike data, has actual value.

@Jayme1 if you chose not to pay your invoice amount then that would have a negative impact on your credit score and that would be on you.


Saying it does not cost a company anything for providing data is simply not true, it does cost them in network infrastructure to provide that service.

You admitted to leaving an app open that consumed your allotted data and made you incur overage, you still chose to contact them about this knowing you did go over the allotted usage you signed up for and agreed to when you took the service.