Terrible customer service- 10+ YEAR Customer with FIDO

I'm a Participant Level 1 geosalha
I'm a Participant Level 1

Terrible customer service- 10+ YEAR Customer with FIDO

Unbelievable, I cannot believe the treatment they gave me after being such a long & loyal customer.


I have a $65 plan with a $7 add on for voicemail that cover all of my needs, I do not go over my data or do anything out of the ordinary, but somehow my bill is always around $200 a month. 


I called to dispute these bills a few days ago, and was told that the previous agent added some unnecessary features, as the customer service rep was going through my bill she mentions the $7 add on for voicemail, I said yes I'd like to keep that please don't cancel it, what does she do? She cancels it ... Then I get a text notification telling me to reactivate my voicemail, I ask her what she's done and she says she accidentally cancelled it, and will put it back on. Does she put it back on ? Ofcourse not ... & I lose all of my work messages and appointments for the entire month. They ended up costing me thousands of dollars. 


I call back the next day to try to bring back my unlimited voicemail, and the new rep activates it back on but it is longer interactive and I get them as text messages instead of on screen where I am able to scroll through them like before.


As soon as I end that call, I start receiving calls from out of province like Vancouver saying I called them and they are calling me back. What ???? I call them back about this and they say that scammers might be using my number and theres no way they can help me ??? WHAT ???


I get charged interest and penalties before I even receive my bill because I was under the impression that I had 30 days to pay my bill as I was told by FIDO , but NOPE they charge you fees the day of or the day after the bill comes out. 


Great ! So ... They overcharge me , they fine me , they cancel all of my voicemails and cost me my livelyhood, they are rude to me, and now I'm getting calls from out of town. 


What do they have to say about all of that ? OOPS SORRY , we can't retrieve your voicemail. OOPS, if your bill was too high you should have checked it and called us, OOPS SORRY, scammers might be using ur phone number on different apps.



Just baffling... This is how FIDO treats their customers. 

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Re: Terrible customer service- 10+ YEAR Customer with FIDO

Hey @geosalha! Thanks so much for sharing this feedback with us. We always want the best for our customers and we're sad to read that your recent experiences were not positive ones. 


In terms of your voicemail, we do still offer the $7 option so it can definitely added! You are better off however taking the $7 value pack as it offers you :


- Name Display (must have Call Display to benefit from this feature)

- Premium Voicemail-To-Text with 35 voice messages  or iPhone visual voicemail

- US & International Premium Calling Rate to mobile and landline phones (just 1 cent a minute to the US, and other countries start at 2 cents per minute!) detailed rates can be found here :

- 2,500 Call Forwarding Minutes


You'd get the same voicemail as the $7 option + additional features Smiley


That said, was the voicemail problem resolved? Do you have the option back?


In terms of your due date, the due date is about 26 days after the close date of the billing cycle. It'll never be the bill cycle date as we need a few days to process the payment in order for it to reflect on your next bill. It's a good idea to always check your invoice as the due date will be shown on the first page. This will avoid any late payments Smiley One other thing to keep in mind is your payment method. While credit card payments are immediate, payments through your bank (i.e online banking) can take up to 5 days to be received so keep that in mind when making payments.


Finally, in regards to spam calls, what you're referring to is call spoofing. This is unfortunately something common these days and is beyond our control as spammers are constantly developing new methods and tactics for fraud. Keep in mind that this isn't specific to Fido and all providers may be impacted. On our end though, we are working hard with the CRTC and industry partners to combat fraud as well as spam calls. If you notice that your number is being spoofed, please flag to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.


I hope all this info helps out, if anything remains unresolved or you want to change any options on your account please let us know!




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