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Switching from prepaid with balance to monthly

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



I went to a Fido kiosk to switch my prepaid plan to postpaid. The CSR there said my remaining prepaid balance cannot be transferred to the new postpaid plan since I'm opening a new account (a new sim is provided). I proceed with the switch there. Later, I've found out a Fido help topic (see below) regarding the transfer and it says the account balance will be transferred. I'm totally confused. Am I eligiible for the balance transfer or not?




Switch from a prepaid service to a monthly plan with invoice

Switching to a Fido Pulse plan with invoice provides access to:

  • New smartphones for as low as $0 with a 2-yr Tab24 agreement
  • Bigger data buckets
  • Unlimited music with Spotify Premium for 24 months2

Things to Know

  • A credit check will need to be performed.
  • Your first invoice might be prorated depending on the bill cycle you’re given upon activating your monthly account.
  • Your account balance will be transferred from your prepaid account to your monthly service3
  • Any messages in your voicemail will be automatically erased.
  • If you have a by-the-month prepaid plan at the time of the switch:
    • Unused minutes, text and data will be lost.
    • You will not be refunded the monthly service fee for partial cycles.

How to proceed:

  • Check out monthly price plan options on
  • Visit a Fido store or call 1-888-482-3436 to switch to a monthly plan with invoice.

That's great to hear @Kc32 , sounds like it will be taken care of for you. Good news,  cheers

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Kc32,


  Welcome to the community!


  Unfortunately, you might have been provided with the wrong procedure at the kiosk. It sounds like you opened a new post-paid account and received a new SIM card. In that situation, your account balance from your pre-paid line would not be transferrable to your new post-paid account. In your case, they should have migrated your account from pre-paid to a post-paid one. Once the migration completes, your balance would have transferred to your post-paid line (see here).


  Did you also get a different phone number? Opening a new account would have given you a new phone number and it would not be possible to port your number between two accounts under the same provider. The migration process would not have needed a new SIM card and would have involved changing account types rather than opening a new account.


  Since there seems to be an error in the method of transfer, you might consider contacting customer service to see if what was done can be reversed and subsequently migrate your account properly. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above. 


Hope this helps 😀



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello @Cawtau and @Original_Lucy , thanks for the replies.


In OP, I forgot to mention the original phone number is kept. Also, it seems a bit strange that I've to reply 'yes' to a Fido sms request to transfer my mobile number to another service provider since it's a mere Fido to Fido transfer.


I've contacted postpaid customer support and they report a $0 balance in my prepaid account. They said it's not possible for them to look further into my old prepaid account due to access rights and suggest me to contact prepaid team instead. They also said it should have been account migration and had to be done over the phone.


Finally, I spoke to a prepaid customer service agent. To my suprise, the agent reports the correct balance in my old prepaid account and said the balance transfer will be completed in 7 business days and the amount will show in the 2nd billing. Hope everything works out well.


Hello @Kc32 , I read your question, over a few times and I researched the ability to transfer prepaid to postpaid. From what I understand, if you open a new account with a new SIM card, then the Prepaid balances won't be transferred over. If you transfer from Prepaid to postpaid and keep the same number, then you will be able to to transfer the balance on the Prepaid account.  I'll keep reading about it and edit my reply if I find anything different. Have a great night