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Price increases between choose phone and final review ?

I'm Experienced Level 1
I'm Experienced Level 1

Hope someone can explain.

1. I select a new (refurbished) device, and a better plan. Total charges $63.00 plus taxes. 

2. No add ons,

3. Ship to home address

4. Review - $66.37 plus taxes is what I have to agree to pay to finalize the order.

So I don't check the box, and go back to shipping to cancel.

Try again.

Same thing.

So how do I get the price that I agree to pay be the same as the price that is promised when I am looking at the device?


BTW, thanks again to FIDO for coming out with a 30Gb plan for mobile data. My wife working from home is great but 6 hours in skype meetings plus the VPN and she used 11Gb in 9 working days. Not going to make it to the reset in 20 days with just the 9Gb left on her 20Gb plan. even with Good Friday and Easter Monday as days off.

Still cheaper than gas, and the extra 4 hours she spends not commuting has made her more relaxed.








Hello @thePoodleFarmer,


What is the cost of the plan and what is the monthly cost of the phone you are getting?