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Premium protection plan

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I am really disappointed in the fido protection plan. I made a claim, paid the $300 to receive a new phone to replace my Google pixel 2XL. Although the phone came quickly. I was very disappointed in the phone. It wasn't even a new phone. It was a "certified refurbished" phone and there were issues with it right out of the box.


First of all, let's start with the fact that I received a "certified refurbished" phone. I just paid $300+ $156(12 months of $13 warranty protection through fido). So that is $456 + taxes. So roughly (339+177= $519) $519 for a refurbished pixel 2XL??? I can buy them cheaper than that right now online. So what was the point of the warranty?! With my last protection plan, if they didn't have my phone brand new, they sent me the upgraded new version for no extra cost.


Secondly, the refurbished phone right out of the box had issues. I can't even use the phone. The three buttons on the bottom of the screen just press themselves and it goes haywire. So I've had to call FIDO protection put in a new claim then wait two business days to talk to a manager. 


Lastly, after talking to a Bright star or FIDO protection manager, not quite sure which company it was. They had to put a new warranty claim in on my replacement phone. I have two options, mail it back in or go to the nearest walk in store replacement place. She recommended going to a walk in place because my original phone has 14 days to be sent back from the original claim or I will be charged more money for not sending it back in time. Another 2-3 hundred dollars. So I now have to take time out of my day, go get a replacement phone looked at and fixed. And if it's not fixable they have to send it in. I have to wait for another one to be sent out. So I am still using my original broken phone. But I'm running out of days til this second fee (no phone return) fee kicks in. 







Hi @Bcooper,


I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment Sad I fully understand how important it is to have a phone that's fully functional. 


All claims regarding the device protection plan are handled by Brightstar solely. The Terms and Conditions for the plan do specify that the replacement phone can be new or refurbished. Since the replacement device was damaged unfortunately, I do suggest you to send it back within the acceptable time-frame so you are not billed for the phone. I do understand that it will require you to take time of your day, however it's what will ensure that you have a working phone in a timely manner. 


We hope everything works out in the end.