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Pre Authorized Credit

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I changed my payment method to be pre-authorized credit the day that i received my bill for the month. From what i’ve read it sounds like it won’t active until my next billing period. so even though i changed when i received my bill will i still need to manually enter it for this billing period? It is well before 14 business days of the payment due date. I simply don’t want to miss any payments as this is my first time paying my own phone bill 





Welcome to the Community! 


We get your concerns about not missing a payment! That would be correct, you would need to make the first payment yourself either online on with the credit card you have registered on the account or through one of the methods found here.


Your first automatic payment will be taken 14 days after the next cycle close date and then future payments will be processed 14 days after each bill cycle close date.


Hope this helps clear things up Smiley