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Phone won't ring/vibrate to incoming calls and no records of missed calls either

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I have a Sony Ericcson Z750i phone. Recently, my boyfriend said he called me a few times and no one picked up on my end. The weird thing is, my phone didn't vibrate (i set it to silent with vibrations). And normally, with the WhoCalled thing and caller ID, i didn't get any messages/indications of any missed calls from him....anyone know why and how I can resolve this issue?


I'm Helpful Level 1
I'm Helpful Level 1

1)If someone other than your boyfriend calls you, do you receive the call?.  If yes, then go to question 2. If no, then the issue might be handset issue or network issue. 


2)If your boyfriend was standing right next to you and he was to call you, does your phone ring /vibrate to show incoming call? If yes, then go to question 3. If no, then issue might be handset issue or network issue,


3)Is it possible your boyfriend mis-dialed your number? OR he is not being honest with you by saying he tried calling you but in fact, he didn't and the way you would know this is by you not receiving whocalled SMS + his call didn't  show up in your missed/received call log.


If you said no to question 1, try to do Master Reset


90% of phone issues can be resolved by doing a Master Reset of phone settings


To reset settings on SE Z750i

1) Go to Menu >Settings>General Tab>Master Reset> Select Reset settings (Do not select Reset All or you will lose all of your data, including your contacts)


2) It will prompt you to enter your handset security code: Default for Sony Ericcson is 0000. If you changed this code then enter the code you have created.


3) The phone will power cycle off and on, on it's own.


4) Now your phone settings is same settings when the phone left the manufacture


5) Now call your number to see if your phone rings.


If you answered no to question 1 and 2, then the issue might be the Name display feature. Your Sony Ericcson Z750i doesn't support Name Display. It is known fact that if a phone doesn't support Name Display feature and you have Name Display Feature with Call Display, your phone will not ring or display incoming call, however, the caller will hear your phone dialing.. FIDO OFFERS 2 CALL DISPLAY OPTIONS, ONE WITH NAME DISPLAY AND ANOTHER WITHOUT.


Issue still not resolved, try placing your Fido simcard inside another Fido phone. Don't have another Fido phone? Then go to Fido store and they will place your sim card inside a test phone.. If your phone rings with test phone, then the issue is with your phone. If the test phone is not ringing, then the issue is with your profile on the network..

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