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Over Charge my Account

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I added another line to my account online on January 8. The sim card was sent to my address, I tried activated the sim, but it wouldn't work with my phone. I called Fido customer service, who tried helping to activate the sim - no luck. So she adviced me to go to Fido Kiosk and have it replaced. She also mentioned I will not be charged until the sim is activated.

I went to the kiosk on February 4 to get a new sim. Activated the line thesame day. I was suprised to be charged for the new line from January 8 on my new bill. I called Fido customer care rep. who opened a case to investigate whether or not I used the new line prior to Febraury 4 activation. He said I should hear back in 7 days. Its been over 2 weeks. 

Charges have been made on my pre-authorized card, but nothing on the refund from the unused period of the new line.


This is disappointing!




Hello @obiejason, usually when you open the line in your case January 8th is the activation date, if the SIM card is shipped to you it comes pre-activated and you will need to complete it once received. I understand you had issues completing the activation but once you open a post-paid account the billing starts from the day the account is opened and not from when the SIM is fully activated.


Since you spoke to customer service and they opened a case I would suggest you follow up directly with them if they determine they would credit you back the money someone will have to manually do it.