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Order cancelled on me, no way to help??

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I cant believe im actually writing a forum complaint over this. 


I had ordered a Motorola Razr + a couple weekends ago. I ordered it that evening. The next morning I had two missed calls from Rogers and a VM. 


The VM was a woman from the fraud department named Jennifer who left a message stating if she will cancel the order if i do not confirm it.


Well instead of waiting, Jennifer cancelled the order after she called me. Like, she admitted over the phone that she cancelled it immediately after leaving thr voice mail. She told me to contact customer service and that I could resubmit the order. 


The only reason i even bothered upgrading was because there was a deal on where they would waive the cost to upgrade, and there was a really good plan too. So I picked my plan and placed the now cancelled order.


TWO TIMES since then ive spoken with customer service, and got two completely diffwrent answers. 

1. Imane from Montreal promised me that i would have the exact deal replaced, promised it would reflect on my account. It did not amd i had waited at least 2 days to ensure it had time to reflect on my account.


2. Sajanya from Fido last night told me this is absolutely impossible and that i cannot be helped and instead just tried to sell me a different plan.


Help me understand where I went wrong here? Im so disappointed in being jerked around and lied to. I just wanted to use a good deal that was provided to me for being a loyal customer. How is that so hard to honour?





Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. It's certainly not how we want your experience to be.


Our fraud department will take action if they suspect suspicious activity on the account. I am truly sorry that we weren't able to reach you and your order was canceled. That said, have you been able to speak with our validation team about it?


You can also contact us through Facebook or X and we'd be happy to review everything with you.