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Monthly Fee Higher than what I was promised

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Earlier today, I called Fido Customer Service in order to change my monthly plan. With myself being a long-time customer with Fido, I was promised a discount on a $45 plan. The deal was that I would enter into a 2-year plan that includes unlimited call and text and 7GB of data for $35 or $40 (I believe that I was promised $35 from the representative). However, the Account Change Confirmation email that I was sent shortly after my call states that I have entered into a $45 monthly plan. The representative put me under a plan that I did not agree to.


This is an extremely unethical decision made by Fido and I am extremely disappointed. After being a loyal customer for several years, I would expect better customer service that did not enter me into deals that I did not agree upon. At the moment, the Customer Service office is closed. I do not remember the representative's name. I expect a response as soon as possible.


Ico Beltran



Hello @icobeltran,


Welcome to the community! 


The base price plan may be of $45 though the discount would be shown on your bill since the discount doesn't appear on the total price of the plan. 


If it isn't on your bill (usually the discount is applied on your 2nd or 3rd bill following your upgrade/change), feel free to contact us.