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I just put in my new SIM card in my phone today and it asked if I wanted to enable my network or not and I said no thinking it wouldn't affect anything but now, my LTE network won't work anywhere 😕 I tried removing my card and putting it back but it didn't work. Don't know what to do, can someone help me?

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step 1: get an new sim card

step 2: make sure fido persons can assist you make sure your mobile can use lte, settings are correct aka apn (other internet settings)

step 3: make sure your mobile is an canadian/usa version (at&t / rogers),

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Hey @Jessiie94!


We haven't heard back from you! Are you able to connect to LTE now?

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Hello Jessiie94,


  Welcome to the community!


  What phone do you have? Is your phone getting data at all (ie connecting to the '3G' network for data)?


  Have you verified it's using the correct APN? Since the phone is LTE-capable (I'm assuming it is), it should be using ltemobile.apn. You can verify the proper settings here.


  You might also consider resetting the Network settings on your phone. You should note that doing so will also likely remove any Wifi settings and passwords.


Hope this helps Smiley