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I don’t understand

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

In mid March I saw a good deal for an IPhone 8, on Fido's website. I decided to take it as well as the 2 year contract that had to be changed in accordance with that deal (March 18). I received an email saying that there was a "delay with the delivery" but another email will be sent to me when it is going to be delivered (March 25). Another 2+ weeks goes by an I try to contact someone to ask where it is, which is quite difficult on the website and app. Only to be told that the iPhone 8 has run out of stock. No offer of something as a substitute, not even a cancellation email to at least tell me not to expect delivery.

I naturally asked for my previous phone plan to be reinstated, as Fido wasn't able to deliver on promised product, which they did except I don't get the 2GB extra that I had before this whole fiasco. After finally being able to view my last 3 bills, emailed to me last week. I still don't understand. The parts that I don't understand follow:

Why is my bill now $132, in a month? When I had a $4 carryover from my previous month's bill? My regular bill is $60
How is this even legal? Offering a product with a service. Not inform the customer of delivery of said product. Take away the product (through non delivery), then not reinstate the previous service immediately?? 

Why does a telecommunications company has such a lousy website? Only when it requires them to be contacted? It is a nightmare trying to finally talk to someone just via e-chat. 



Hey @Andy77


I'm truly sorry to learn about your experience and that you weren't able to upgrade to the phone you wanted. I assure you that we aim to be transparent with our customers and this doesn't represent the type of experience we want to deliver! We're always looking to improve and we appreciate your feedback!


As for your invoice, did you get a chance to take a look at the PDF bill for a full breakdown of the charges? You can find out how here.


If your invoice is higher than usual due to the old plan not being put back, you can reach out to us here or we can send you a PM on the Community to look into it with you, let us know which one you prefer.