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How long I can keep my prepaid number after refill once?

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

how long I can keep m prepaid number after I refill $10? Cuz I changed monthly payment to prepaid on January, and the customer service told me I could keep this number 10 months. And I saw my expired day is 11/1. But I refilled  $10 already then it just shows expired date is 11/27. I probably won't use it for couple months, so I wonder how long I can keep this number?


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Senior MVP

Hello Natice,


  Welcome to the community!


  You should note that most prepaid options have expiry dates associated with the top-ups. With many providers, the length of that expiry depends on the amount of top-up. Generally, the greater the top-up value, the longer the expiry. With Fido, the $10 refill has a 30 day expiry (see here). That means that you'll have to top-up your account monthly in order to keep it active. Their $100 refill would not expire for 365 days.


  You should also note that if your prepaid mobile account balance remains at $0 for 6 consecutive months or if required payments towards your account are not made or are returned, for any reason, your prepaid mobile identifier (e.g., phone number or PIN number) will be deactivated (taken from Terms & Conditions). 


  In addition, you should further note that you might have to opt for a prepaid plan (see here). I don't believe they offer the Anytime plan anymore. Since the lowest plan offering is $15, I don't think your top-up amount would suffice to keep your account active.


Hope this helps 😀