Horrible customer service by a fido representative. PLEASE READ

Horrible customer service by a fido representative. PLEASE READ

Horrible customer service by a fido representative. PLEASE READ

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Horrible customer service by a fido representative. PLEASE READ

Please please look into this guys, it is REALLY important for the continual success in your business. 


Coming from a customer service background I understand we all have bad days, however, the tone and absolute rudeness from this CSR just really pushed me to a limit I have never had to cross.


Today started off well I finally received the lost past due to credit that I have been begging you guys to look into for months!


So far my account does not look too good in your eyes, and I get that. (this would be because I have not paid you fully in a while)


THE REASON BEING is that since I had started with you, every month I have been continually charged fees that just make 0 sense to me. 


It has honestly been an uphill battle with you guys since the get-go, however, I love your service and CSR's to DEATH.


so my account balance yesterday started at 909$

AGAIN, not my fault, I have not been paying you guys because you have been overcharging me money and I refuse to get screwed over. so I get a text message saying HEY we realize we charged you extra, HERE IT IS BACK TO YOU.


THANK GOD! FINALLY a light at the end of the tunnel, now I am aware that there is possible spam out there that can say these things but this was from a previous FIDO number that texts me all the info that I need so it made no sense that when I called in to confirm that I received this credit, the CSR told me it was SPAM.... Now in my experience, you guys should have been able to tell me what messages you send me, or if a team goes into my account and credits me for something you should be seeing this is the memos on the account. SO WHY DID THE CSR TELL ME IT WAS SPAM??



So, I say ok, I guess we will find out, fast forward to today, I check my account and the credit goes through! my new balance is 682.76$ as of Aug 9th.


I think. PERFECT> I CAN finally work with you guys and pay you some money for all this trouble.


I called today spoke to a very kind Lady I think her name was Linda, who warm transferred me over to the Credit Department so I can get a well-deserved break and payment arrangement au-gratis de TOI.


 The next lady I speak with. TAKES THE CAKE as one of the RUDEST women I have ever spoken to. she was some lady that Linda transferred me to in the credit department, AND I hope you listen to the call, because of she we absolutely unempathetic, and so disgusted that I FLIPPED. and of course, she hung up immediately.


Here is how the call went. 


Me " hello, how are you today, I would like to make a payment arrangement and get my account credit limit temp extended to 750$ as was advised by a previous representative in the canceling department"


Mid-sentence she blocked me off (strike 1)


Talked to me like I was an ABSOLUTE **bleep** (strike 2)

and to top it all off the tone in her voice was absolutely atrocious almost as if she was disgusted by my call (Strike 3)


I basically told her 


Me"Listen the F**** here, you have absolutely no idea what I have been going through with you people YOU are Lucky I have hung on as far as I HAve so far." 


I swore Once. and I raised my voice, which I am not proud of, BUT after this, she simply said goodbye.


Now. someone in a CSR position to just do something like this makes me disgusted. and will obviously NOT help the situation WHAT so ever. She did NOT want to help me and work with me at all!!


SO because of this I had to call you guys twice more over to speak to another credit dept representative who had absolutely NO issues with my request because they took a look into my account and had the patience to hear me out!



I am not impressed with what SO ever.


Please Coach this rep with what it means to work for you guys and your high standards of customer care,


If at all possible I would love to know you have read this and actually listened to my request, and possibly if you have time LISTEN to the call! PLEASE because this is NOT cool.



Name: Tristan Rozencveig



Listen I get were all human here, but she is clearly not in the right job for something like this, I appreciate the time you have taken looking at this, 


And please let me know if you have any other questions


Thank you so much!



Former Moderator

We appreciate the feedback @roze0005.


We strive to provide great service and I see we dropped the ball here, definitely not the kind of experience we want for our customers. 


With that being said, I'm happy to know the situation has been resolved!