High bill and no alert on plan change

High bill and no alert on plan change

High bill and no alert on plan change

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High bill and no alert on plan change


Today, I recieved bill of almost $300 for monthly plan $45. After calling cutomer care, I learnt that I had a addon which was expired. I accept my mistake that I should have been aware of my addon and taken appropriate action on time.

Though I am not happy that I was not informed that my addon is about to expire. I get all promotional text messages from Fido but they didn't bother to let their customer know about upcoming changes in plan. It looks like Fido services are desgined in such a way that let customers miss something and then squeeze them as much as possible. I wish Fido would care a bit about their own customer.

I asked if there is any way to waive off additional changes and I will continue with same plan without addon. Seems, Fido is least bothered about helping their own customer.

Simply disappointed.



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You can contact directly fido to see if employee can apply a promotion or discount to your account.

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Aside from promotional communications, Fido notifies us of any direct changes to our account via invoice if you look at your last three invoices you would see the add-on was going to expire. It is our responsibility to review our invoice carefully.


If you are unable to make the payment in full you can reach out to the Credit Operations team and set up a payment schedule, you can get more information here.