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File a complaint about one of your staff

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Dear Fido Customer Center,

My name is YoungA and I am writing this email to file a complaint on what my friend experienced yesterday, Dec. 27th, 2020 with your staff.

I’ve satisfied with your service  so far, so I recommended Fido to my friend who was looking for opening a new phone. Unfortunately, my friend, Kim had very unpleasant experience with one of your staff yesterday.

Here is the story.

On Saturday, Dec 26th, my friend put a hold on an iPhone 11 that was on a Boxing Day sale at the Fido mobile store located in Royal City Centre (New Westminster, BC). My friend previously left a message at another branch which I gave, but a staff named Yooni or Yoonhee (I am not sure if this is the correct spelling) , who could speak in Korean, called her to tell about the promotion. This was a $35 plan with 4GB including free call and texts. With the purchase of iPhone 11, My friend was to pay $30 per month and I was to receive a $100 credit. She asked Yooni/Yoonhee to put the phone on hold until my friend was to pick it up on Sunday before 6PM, which was the time when the store closed. My friend and Yoonhee/Yooni agreed that my friend Kim was to pick the phone up either on Saturday afternoon or Sunday, and Yooni your staff had my friend's contact information to call her anytime.

On Sunday 4:30PM, my friend Kim called her regarding the phone to ask if it’s possible to extend the hold until Monday or if there were any other ways to open an account without being physically there. However, if Yoonhee did say no, My friend was planning on getting there by 6PM on Sunday. Yooni/Yoonhee said that my friend could open an account over the phone on Sunday, which is yesterday, and pick up the phone on Monday morning. However, when my friend called her at 5PM, which was only 30minutes after the last call with her, Yoonhee/Yooni said that she sold the phone to another customer. As she had my friend contact information, she could have called my friend to check if my friend would be coming by the promised time and to explain to my friend that there is another customer interested in the phone. However, she did not contact my friend and sold the phone which my friend had a hold on. Yooni kept saying that she can only hold the phone for 24hrs and blamed my friend for not showing up. If she could only hold the phone for 24hrs, she should have told my friend the deadline to pick up the phone and also not have said yes when my friend asked if she can pick the phone up before 6pm on Sunday.

When my friend Kim told your staff Yoonhee about this matter, Yoonhee/yooni  was not apologetic at all and continued to speak to my friend in a very unfriendly manner. Yoonhee said that she put a hold on another iPhone 11 which was to come in about 5-6 days after Sunday. She also continued to force my friend into opening an account yesterday, even before receiving the phone. My friend thought it was unfair to pay the rates for the period in which my friend would not have my phone. When my friend complained about how unfair this situation was to her ,Yoonhee, your staff continued to blame my friend for this situation and cynically said to just go find another company and that it does not matter whether my friend buys the plan or the phone from your company.

I am very unhappy and angry about the experience my friend had with your company. Because of the staff, the image of the company I and my friend had previously has negatively changed. This phone was supposed to be a Christmas gift for her son. As Yooni has said that my friend was not a valuable customer in Fido, my friend will be looking for a different company; but my friend needs to receive a sincere apology from her. I am curious whether this is a normal customer service procedure for your company or a normal expectation from your staff.

I will be expecting a reply from you.


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello Valerie,


I  was wondering if you have been dealing regarding  my complaint that I reported.


I would like to hear the follow up.

Hey @blue0526sky!


I do see that we gathered all the details in PM and sent the feedback. Keep in mind these situations are handled internally, we wouldn't be able to share any updates but rest assured it's not something we take lightly and our teams are looking into it.


Hope that helps! 




Hey @blue0526sky !


Welcome to the Community. Smiley


Thank you for taking the time to reach out and letting us know about what happened.


I'm truly sorry to hear about this situation, as I do understand how this could affect your impression of us.

That's definitely not the type of service we aim to provide!


I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look at this and send your feedback to the appropriate team.

Talk to you soon!