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Fido misinformed me and charged me 40$

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

When I bought new phone and plan from fido I was told that there is Unlimited US Calling in my plan.

Recently when I did some US Calling I was charged 40$ for it.

How is it acceptable ?

Today I waited 2 hours and was juggled between 4 different agents but no resolution was given to me and agent supervisor was very rude to me. I am with fido from last 5 years.

Please issue me a refund of 40$ Thanks


Good morning @panki, sorry to hear that you're not receiving the long distance calling service you were expecting. Do you have a long distance package on your account that was added on? You can check in the Fido app for the details of your plan on the usage tab, then my plan details. The unlimited US calling is a $15/month add on and you can check to see if it is on your account. I believe that the best way for you to clear up the question regarding your account is to contact Fido's customer support using one of the options supplied. I personally prefer to contact fidosolutions on Twitter by direct message and create a dialog in private. However you choose to interact with customer support, I hope you are able to get clarification on your charges.