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Feeling cheated

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Today, i have realized that i was cheated by fido representative with the name of black friday deal. I am really disappointed and writing this as my hard earned money is being wasted.


we had been to cross iron mills on black friday day with no intension to buy a phone as i have got a phone recently from india.


one our friend wanted to buy a phone and he approached representative.she said iphone xr with 0 downpayment and tablet free.


and i also get extra 1 gb of data. We kind of tempted towards and agreed to upgrade our plan.

1.first she added the phone and she said it is approved then she added the tab said that it is not approved because i don't have credit history.

2.we have told her to cancel the phone she said she cannot because it is already approved what fu***** logic it is.she mentioned that within 3 months if any such deal comes we will be eligible for the tablet.

3.she said she will put the same plan with extra 1 gb of data.My plan was 1000 free india minutes and 

4 gb of data per month.we have double checked many times and told that my plan has 1000 india minutes.

 Now i got a bill of 330 cad for india calling.


when called customer care they said that is not their mistake and they dont have such plan. What logic is this then why do you spread false message to your customers..this is really unethical .. and my friend also tool the same plan and her bill is not yet generated.


now we are planning to switch to other network dont have any intension to continue with fido.. i really want to fight with them for cheating their customers. 



I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Hello Anushag,

I shared your feeling as well. I got an exclusive deal from Fido to entice me to upgrade my plan. Now that I've upgraded my plan, the phone was not delivered and when I called they said that they don't have the phone anymore and expect me to take a worse deal because the promotion is no longer available (even though I was promised by a customer service rep that they have the phone and will re-deliver). As a long time Fido customer with multiple lines, I certainly felt tricked.

Hello @anushag and @kopienak23


The experience you're describing is obviously not the one we aim for and it's not the impression we want to leave you. We don't want you to go through this kind of experience and we're always seeking to improve our service. 


@anushag From the details you shared, it seems the rep made a mistake about the 1000 international minutes still being compatible with the new plan. When you contacted us, did you provide the address of the store you went to? We will be happy to send feedback and review your account to make this right. 


@kopienak23 Could you provide more details about the phone you ordered and the deal you got? You say that a rep promised to have the phone re-delivered, when was that exactly? Did you mention the interaction to the rep you spoke to? 


Of course, if you need immediate assistance and for us to get the chance to review the situation, you can contact us here as @Cawtau mentioned. 


Please let us know about the developments! 

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Anushag,


  Welcome to the community!


  I'm sorry to hear that you feel cheated. I do not know what was discussed with the salesperson or customer service. However, I wanted to clarify those 1000 International minutes. Fido did have a promotion where some plans were eligible for the 1000 International minutes. Those minutes were to specific Countries, of which India was included. You can view the included Countries here. Unfortunately, it does not appear that promotion is being offered at the moment.


  Since the promotion is not available, I'm not sure if they'll be able to add the 1000 International minutes back on your plan given your situation. You might consider contacting customer service so that they can access your account and provide you with options. Alternatively, you  might consider sending @FidoSolutions a PM. Once they verify some information, they'll also be able to access your account.


Hope this helps 😀