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Extremely Disappointed in Fido Customer Service

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Earlier today, I called Fido Customer Service in order to change my monthly plan. With myself being a long-time customer with Fido, I was promised a discount on a $45 plan with extra benefits. The deal was that I would enter into a 2-year plan that includes unlimited call and text and 7GB of data for $35 or $40 (I believe that I was promised $35 from the representative). However, the Account Change Confirmation email that I was sent shortly after my call states that I have entered into a $45 monthly plan with only 1+3 GB of data. The representative put me under a plan that I did not agree to.


This is an extremely unethical move made by Fido and I am extremely disappointed. After being a loyal customer for several years, I would expect better customer service that did not enter me into deals that I did not agree upon. At the moment, the Customer Service office is closed. I do not remember the representative's name. I expect a response as soon as possible.



Hello @icobeltra-,


We answered your other post.