Extra 2GB offer on Pulse plan

Extra 2GB offer on Pulse plan

Extra 2GB offer on Pulse plan

I'm a Participant Level 1

Extra 2GB offer on Pulse plan



I just switched my plan to the Fido pulse 5GB - Medium. On the app it stated that for a limited time there is an extra 2GB, for 7GB total.


I don't see this on my account. I also wonder if this promotion expires, that if I do get the 7 will it remain as such or only for a certain period?


Thanks for your help! 


Hey there!


Were you able to confirm your plan's details? 


Hey @metaphysicalfud


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The details of your plan are typically available on fido.ca/Fido application. You should be able to see if you have a 5GB plan. 


To better understand, can you show us a screenshot of what you see on the application?


Is it possible you had a data add-on or a loyalty data that expired from your account?


Let us know.