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Excess Billing on FIDO Mobile - Hidden Facts of Free Usage

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I have been wrongly charged for international usage as the same was not mentioned in the agreement that calls made to USA are not covered in free 1000 international calls and it was not informed to us by the sales agent too. I have taken two connections on 07th Sep, 2019 from one of the distributor store located in Square One shopping Centre. I took the mobile plan worth of CAD 55 monthly for each connection and I was also told that both of us will get 1000 international call each. However, it was never told to us that these international calls are limited to few countries and it doesn't include calls to USA.


Further, it was also not mentioned in the agreement which we have received from FIDO regarding my connection that international usage is limited to few countries and we only get to know about it when we checked our recent bill. Unaware of this fact that calls made to USA is chargeable, we have made several calls and consequently, an amount of CAD 91.3 + HST has been levied in my recent generated bill & payable on Nov 03, 2019. If we have been told about it earlier, we would never made these calls or have taken other plan for it.


We have already contacted FIDO customer care executive and made a request for the reversal of these charges as we were not informed about the calls to USA will not considered in Free 1000 International Calls and are chargeable separately. It was not mentioned in the agreement as well. However, the executive said it is not in their control and only the store keeper can give you credit for their lapses while selling a FIDO product.


Whose going to pay this 91 CAD + taxes bill, we are at no fault and why the terms aren't clear about what is included and what's not. If your agents and ur agreement is silent about the terms then who's responsible for that. I need appropriate action on this issue. We felt cheated and need your assistance in resolving this matter and take it to concerned authority who can actually take some action on it.



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello @ashishgupta,


The experience you are describing isn't the one we aim for. We seek to provide you with all the information required to make your own decision and we always want to be transparent with the features included within your plan. Could you please expand on how the long distance option for the long distance call was described by the store rep? Also, were you able to get in contact with the store from which the plan was initially activated? Can you keep us posted on this?


Of course, if you do wish to further review this matter with us, you can contact us here or we can send you a private message directly through the Community.


Please keep the Community posted!

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2



Thanks for your message. In our mobile plan, we have been told that we will get 1000 international calls usage for free. But they haven't mentioned the name of countries which are included in this free usage. USA is not one of those countries and unaware of this fact we made calls to USA, consequently got billed for 91 CAD + taxes. It wasn't there on the contract too and it has already been accepted by the customer care executive from FIDO, however, they didn't agree to write off the full amount. Instead they give me a credit of 45 CAD only but why should I pay the balance for no mistake of mine. I have been fooled here with the hidden conditions attached to the free international usage.


I have already contacted the store people, but they don't agree that they have mislead us about the terms of plan. I don't blame them though as there is no such restriction in the contract itself which is signed by me at the store and was emailed to me by FIDO only. When FIDO's contract is silent about this fact, then how we are supposed to know about the charges. Can they charge us on the bill without informing us or getting our approval in the contract? I can share the contract and the chat transcripts with the customer service executive if you can provide your email id.






Thanks for getting back to us, @ashishgupta.


I'll send you a PM to further take a look at this with you. 


Talk soon!