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Disappointed with bright stars premium protection plan

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Don’t buy this protection plan.  It is a waste of money... useless.  Just realized this today when I called them because my daughter’s phone google pixel 2 XL fell on the road and got run over by a car.. I called for phone replacement and they  told me to pay $400 as deductible and they will give me exactly same google pixel 2.  I was with Fido 10 years now and I always include this protection plan but the deductible was never mentioned.  They just say if you buy this plan we will change your phone if you lost it, stolen or got damaged.  What a scam!!!.  Fido told me that sales person should discuss that but every 2 years I upgradeit was never mentioned.  Fido suggested to just upgrade and they will give me $150 credit to close my contract which is worth $229.   But I felt I was totally scammed and I just wanted to terminate my contract and find a better provider who truly care for their customer.  I’ve learned my lesson to read everything on a contract even the fine prints that they don’t want you to notice.  



Hey @InangAwry, welcome to the Community.


It's very unfortunate what happened to your phone and I'm sad to hear this is how you feel about the device protection we offer. However, the information regarding it is never hidden, especially the part about the required deductible. 

We always send you important documentation when you subscribe to the Fido Device Protection and the information can always be found on both websites: Fido / Brightstar


We always aim to be transparent to our customers and we do recommend to read the contract as it contains very useful information. 


If you wish to review your options again, we're more than happy to help. Smiley

You can contact us here or request a PM on the Community.