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Disappointed with Fido Mobile customer service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I'm so disappointed with my experience tranferring my mobile to Fido. In fact, Fido agents are so reckless and no one truely cares about their customer.


On Dec 27, 2020, when all mobile companies (virgin, koodo, fido etc) offered the same boxing week promotion, I chose to transfer to Fido for all my 4 mobile lines for my family. One agent helped me placed the order through online chat. The experience was smooth and I was happy with the deal I got back at the time. However, I didn't know it was just the start of the nightmare. The agent told me I would receive 4 sim cards in 2-5 business days. After a week, I didn't get them so I check back through online live chat, after an hour line up, the agent who helped me only told me it was not shipped yet. Fine, I guess I need some more patience. After 2 weeks, I still got nothing, when I check back online, another agent told me it's just not shipped yet. She said she'll open a ticket to the back office and asked me to check back 3 days later. Ok, 3 days later when I check back, another agent checked the case and told me the previous agent opened a ticket, all that I can do is to wait for a few more days.


Long story short, every time I went to online chat, the agent told me to wait for another few days and check back. I can't remember it was 5 or 6 agents I talked with. The last agent I spoke to on Jan 19, 2021 ( 24 days after I place the order), told me that the order was not placed successfully. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Then she said the boxing week promotion is no longer available anymore. The best plan can be offered at this time is FAR from the boxing week deal. Not to mention the time I spent to line up and follow up on my order. 


All agents told me to wait, no one ever noticed the order was not placed. One agent told me he'll follow up for me after two days. Then I got no email and no phone call. Nothing. 


Really, Fido needs to do a better job on training their online chat agent. Not just talking nicely, but to be able to really get their job done. I wish no one else would go through what I went through. 


From a disappointed customer


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello @zhaolongli,


Welcome to the community!


I'm sad to hear about the experience you recently had with us. It most definitely isn't what we aim to offer you. We appreciate you telling us what happened.


Did you end up having an order placed yet? 


If not, feel free to reach out through these methods or alternatively, we can send you a PM.