Disappointed as a loyal customer for 10+ years

Disappointed as a loyal customer for 10+ years

Disappointed as a loyal customer for 10+ years

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Disappointed as a loyal customer for 10+ years

I've been with Fido for more than 10 years. 

Recently me and my wife is using more data than before due to work-related issues. 

We rarely make our call to Fido rentention. However, friend of my recently gets a $60 10GB deal with Fido through customer rentention service as a loyalty offer, I hope that Fido can apply the same deal to honor their loyal customer like me.


My wife spends the time, calling in CSR, only to discover that the best deal being offered is $70 for 10GB, or the 5GB for $55, which is worst than the 6GB $55 plan being offered to me several years ago!


All I can say is that Fido customer service is not as good as what it used to be. How can I be offered something lower than what I've being offered 5 years ago? And we are talking about mobile data plan, for which any company in the world is keep lowering the price just to keep the customer base. 


I will switch to PM or Virgin next week, as Virgin (at least) offer me $60 for 6GB if I plan to switch, plus some international minutes that I can make my call to relatives in Asia. 


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Hey @EtherealD


Welcome to the community Smiley 


I can understand the importance of getting the best offer. 


I assure you, we definitely appreciate your continued business and would like to keep you as a loyal customer. 


We would hate to see you go because of this. 


We will be sending a PM your way so we can look into the options together.