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Different representatives different services

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I had a terrible experience with fido customer services


I was talking on behalf of my aunt. She has fully authorized me to talk on her behalf. She had to go to india for family emergency. I called customer services to temporarily suspend the account as nobody wants to pay for nothing. After asking about the options they suggested me to either temporary suspend the account or transferring  it to prepaid. They didn’t ask for her consent before doing that as i was authorized on her account. I went to transfer it to prepaid as it was cheaper. I almost did it but i got to know it’s gonna be instant and she can’t use it that day either and she wanted to use it that day. He suggested to call on her behalf again to transfer to prepaid. I made sure by confirming from him that they won’t need her consent after as she wouldn’t be able to talk or call fido.


I called two days after. The first guy was ready to do temporary suspension without talking to her as i was authorized be her on the account. He put it on her account but he was charging alot too so he transferred me to prepaid department which was cheaper option. The next guy was very rude and denied my request. He Doesn’t wanted to do it as he was afraid he would loose his job. I asked him to transfer it to his supervisor and after that he started talking nice to me.


At the end, He transferred it but i felt like he had already convinced his egoistic supervisor to deny my request. The supervisor was super rude and egoistic. He called me rude and wanted me to call later and my tone wasn’t even high and was talking very politely. I was so frustrated with the service that i went for disconnecting my personal line too. He knew that he will get in trouble by doing that so he started making excuses. For some reason my call got disconnected Or he disconnected it and I couldn’t cut my line that day.


I was very mad as my whole family is using fido and i felt like changing all those lines to different service provider. I felt like being cheated as they said something else two days ago. 

My concern is why they didn’t told me that they won’t do it after and why first guy didn’t ask for consent but later next guy did. 



Hey there @Singh08


Welcome to the community Smiley


We'd like to apologize about the experience you've had so far and we'll be taking the time to clarify some details before sending you a PM to review the situation together.


As you may already know, different account transactions will require a different level of authorization. If you are the account holder, then you can obviously manage your account as you see fit, but as an authorized user, some transactions will be restricted.


In both cases, the Temporary Suspension and the migration to Prepaid are transactions that can only be completed when speaking to the account holder. 


Transferring the account to Prepaid requires the deactivation of the monthly service before activating the new Prepaid service. It is mandatory to get the account holder's consent since this has financial implications.


Hope this clarifies, and we're sending a PM your way so we can look into it.

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I asked the supervisor to atleast put temporary suspension so that we can save some money until she comes back. He refused that too . He was just full of ego and was ignoring every request of mine. I have no idea how he became supervisor there or maybe it’s that easy to get that position.