Data bytes and live chat not working on My Account app

Data bytes and live chat not working on My Account app

Data bytes and live chat not working on My Account app

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Data bytes and live chat not working on My Account app

Hi everyone!


My last 2 data bytes sessions kept saying I wasn't connected to the internet and did not count the data I used, so all the usage during those 2 hours ended up being counted towards my monthly amout.


I tried to launch the live chat from Chrome, which tried to open it using the My Account app and didn't work. Tried opening in another tab and it did the same thing.


I've updated my phone OS as well as the app so not sure what to do.


Thanks everyone Smiley

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Hello there @catmcfats!


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Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app? Reboot your phone? I assume you verified that your data was turned on since you obviously were able to use data during those hours, right?


Let us know if these troubleshooting steps fix your Data Bytes/Live chat issue!


As an alternative, you can always use this direct link to connect with the live chat. 


Hope this helps!


Hey there!


Did you have more luck with the Data Bytes since you posted this? Let the community know. Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 2

Sorry for the delay!


Kind of had some luck with everything? I've already updated everything and made sure my data was on when using the data bytes. Still no luck with the chat opening through the app or the browswer on my phone so I think I will just stick to using the computer for that. As for the data bytes, today I used my 3rd session and it didn't start to count until over half an hour in. I was testing it by streaming videos on Youtube and at the end of the session, it said I only used 20mb.

That doesn't sound right. Are you able to see the start and end time on the "Data Byte History" section in the "More" tab? 


If you are, does it match with the time you started using them? 


Let us know, we definitely want to get to the bottom of this. 

That's certainly odd! We'd like to take a closer look on our side. We'll be sending you a PM to look into it together! 


Talk to you soon! 


I'm a Participant Level 2

Yup, the times are correct and the end of session message is sent an hour after I start. Everything looks normal except for the data counting. I think I'll wait to see if it's like that next cycle because this is the first time it has happened.