Data Overage - no warning

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Data Overage - no warning

Received a text last night saying I was over data limit, and to follow a link to Fido. When I did, there was an option for purchasing more, or restarting the phone.  

When I checked online, I was told that i was over by 4gb!

I'm on a max plan with 2gb, and never was I warned that I was close to going over my original 2gb, let alone a warning to say that I was going WAY over the plan. 

No warnings, just a note to say I owe $50, and do I want to buy more?


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Re: Data Overage - no warning

Hello Elborbah,


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  If you have a plan which does not have Data Tracker (see here), then you will not receive warnings about going over your allotted data limit. 


  Data Tracker a feature of some of the newer plans -- same as Spotify, Fido Roam, and Data Top-ups are features only available to some newer plans. I believe the notifications were introduced to allow customers to purchase Data Top-ups before their usual allotments ran out. Since those of us with older plans cannot avail of Data Top-ups, the only text message we will receive is once we have reached the maximum in overage charges ($50) -- with the option to continue using overage data (as per the Wireless Code).


   It has always been up to the customer to monitor their own usage. What phone do you have? Most android phones have their own data tracker and the ability to set limits. Once you correctly set your billing cycle, it would provide an accurate gauge on your usage. You should note, however, there might be a slight discrepancy between how your phone and the networks monitor data. When setting your limit, you might consider setting a level lower than your actual data allotment to act as a buffer. You can still use your full allotment; you'll just have to be more aware of your usage.


  Unfortunately, iPhones do not have a similar method of setting limits. With their data trackers, they simply track acculated data usage. You'll have to manually reset the counter at the end of your billing cycle.


  You can also verify your usage using the My Account app or on, though you should be aware that there can be a delay with the updating of usage information with those methods.


**edit** If you have a newer plan, you might consider sending a moderator a PM or contacting Fido via Twitter or Facebook, or contacting Fido via customer service to determine whether your plan includes Data Tracker**


Hope this helps Smiley



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