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DATA usage way more than phone shows

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

My phone shows I have used just under 1GB in the past 40 days, which is a normal if not slightly high amount for me.. However on Fido my account.. it shows i have used almost 4 GB.




Hey there, 


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It does seem a bit odd though.


Which device are you using and can you please clarify if your phone has the same billing cycle set as your Fido monthly plan? The usage shown on the app reflects the usage detected through the SIM card placed in your phone and this is the usage we suggest you rely on.


If you dial *3337 from your mobile, do you also get 4GB?


Let us know.

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

This is an lg g5. I have not taken the sim out.. And it doesnt matter what the billing period is.. In 40 days my phone shows i have used 1gig.. 40 days is a lot more than a billing period.. Fido account online shows i have used 4gigs in under 30 days.


Honestly.. It seems like fido is charging me for wifi data...i wouldnt be surprised. 


Fido also managed to miss spell my name. My email address and my phone number when setting up my account.. Impressive

Hey @User14942


For us to take a close look, can you take a screenshot of your usage and post it here?


Just make sure that there is no personal information in the screenshot.


If you still need assistance to make changes in your account, feel free to contact us here

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

how is posting a picture going to change anything? 
my cell phone CLEARLY displays the data I have used, it shows me how much data I have used in the past 40days until this very moment..if i log onto fido, guess what, it CLEARLY shows how much data I have used this billing period, which isnt over yet.
So let me make this clear.. my phone syas in 40 days I have used UNDER 1 gig... Fido account shows I have used now over 4gigs in 25 days..
Is that clear? or do you really need a screencapture?

Hey @User14942,


Thanks for the information. We'll need to take a closer look at your account.


I'll send you a PM shortly.