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Customer rep trained to make you waste your time

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

When I joined Fido more than 10 years ago the support, service and plan where the best around.

Fido was always inovating giving no argument to not subscribe with them.


But for the last few years it's only been going downhill, customer rep support has become a total joke.

Great work sending these jobs abroad with people having no idea of the concurrent offers from other companies in the same region with 0 ability or power to offer anything remotely logic.


I have been waiting over 2 hours in only 2 calls with some rep ( Jean and Cabal ) which provided no help what so ever and wasted my time; like i couldnt get a calculator myself and see the offer i have on my portal.


There is no way to speak to a supervisor, drop calls, to agent saying i've place a call for you they should call you back NOT!


1 Week later no call, these rep dont care and Fido doesnt care either.


It's truely a farce..


Let see if a "Supervisor" calls me .....


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Fcourtem,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you feel like your time was wasted. However, you should note that Fido does not generally price match other providers on an individual basis. The only offers the customer service represetatives can offer are the ones provided by the system. In your case, it appears as though they are the same offers available to you via the portal. If you're looking for something not availble via the portal, you might consider checking Fido's Promotional offers.


  I understand various loyalty offers were available 10 year ago. Unfortunately, many of those offers are not feasible in today's day and age.


  If you do consider comparing with the other providers, make sure you compare similar offerings. Different providers might offer different included services.


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I understand agent at the bottom level cant do nothing but higher up they can.

If they truely valued customer and loyalty they would and can make it right.


Agents are always telling you, no no it's the best offer, funny though when you speak higher up the chain

they have other offers or rebate they can give you. 


So like i said, wasting my time, It's just insulting and infuriating.

Every year it's a game to try and increase your monthly bill. Data doesnt cost anything it's like air.

The difference beetween 6Gig and 10Gig is absolutely nothing.


The infrastructure is what control everything switches and router etc.. but it's pratice too oversaturate links.

So it's no deal when they offer you wind. Oh let me offer you 2 extra gig... Seriously...



Hello again,


@fcourtem wrote: I understand agent at the bottom level cant do nothing but higher up they can.

  The higher ups have access to the same offers available to the customer service representatives. They are all trained to offer the best offers available to any particular customer. You should note that not all offers are available to all customers. As mentioned above, the system would determine which offers are available for any given customer. That assessment is likely determined by a number of factors including current plan, usage habits, etc.


@fcourtem wrote:..Data doesnt cost anything it's like air...

  Unfortunately, that is not the case. Cellular data actually costs more to provide than broadband data. One reason is because mobile bandwidth is vastly more limited than wired bandwidth. The amount of information which can be transmitted via the airwaves before it gets degredated is much less than other wired modes of transmission. It's physics -- Shannon's Law. The amount of spectrum is limited, so will be available bandwidth. In addition, with more people using larger amounts of data, the more that bandwidth needs to be shared.