Contact Fido's Office of the President

Contact Fido's Office of the President

Contact Fido's Office of the President

I'm a Participant Level 1

Contact Fido's Office of the President

How can I contact with the Office of the President ?

It is mentione d on the link below, that I can contact it, but it does not specify by which means?

I wasted hours with customer service agents over the phone and on live chat.

I can send you the transcripts of the chats. REPEATING my issue over and over again with no way for the agents to understand the issue or work on solving it. Many chats were intentionally and ubruptly ended  from Fido agents, after keeping me wait for more than 40 minutes for each.

The problem was initiated by mistakes that Fido agents made, and then they REFUSE to sort it out.

My experience with customer service is the worst ever



Hey @Ng72,


Welcome to our community!


I'm truly sorry to learn you haven't had a great experience with us, it's definitely not the customer service experience we aim for!


I'll send you a PM here to take a closer look at your account. Talk soon!

I'm a Participant Level 3

Hey Claudia, I've also attempted to resolve my issues through every channel I could and I'm getting no where. Could you PM provide escalation details? Thank you

Hey @JoeAre


I'll send you a PM so we can look into this together.


Talk to you soon. Smiley