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Cancelling new lines

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I activated two lines today before 5PM and realized they had given me a different plan than what I had asked for. I returned a few hours later and they told me that I'll have to start two new lines under the plan I want and I will need to cancel the earlier new lines myself - without charge.  It has been impossible to reach Fido customer support. What are the chances that I can have this rectified smoothly? (ie no activation fees, no unknown charges).


Thanks in advance!



Hello @xsamilee,


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It sounds like you did this at a store location, customer service would not know what happened at the store, if the store gave you the wrong plan they should be able to correct it even if they have to call support and get it done, I would advise you return to the store and speak to them again and ask for a manager if needed if they give you the wrong plan they should be the ones to correct it.