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Anyone else using 3g/wcdma for voice?

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I know most have newer devices and it doesn't matter due to volte - but I'm just wondering if anyone else still on the old tech has noticed a significant reduction in being able to hear the other end, while in the same location? I switched *for* the better call reception, and it was great. Yesterday and the day before I thought maybe there was temporary issue but today it's still bad. It cuts out so severely sometimes I can't even piece together what was said. But I can still get 3 or even 4 bars on 3g, 2 at worst. I don't get it. 


But yeah has anyone else had issues? 



Hey @Advocate4Change! We would suggest you get in touch with our Technical Support team, they may be able to dig into your situation. 
You can reach them either by dialing *611 from your Fido phone or via Live Chat as well.