Aeromobile and Swiss airlane scam

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Aeromobile and Swiss airlane scam



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Last month, I was on my way back in a Swiss airplane. When the plane arrived and landed at Montreal Airport, I sent a simple text message to my very charming wife.


All the way my phone was turned off, till we landed to Montreal airport and I received on my Fido billing an extra amount of 90$, for one tiny text message. They say that I used 6 mo of data at 15$/mo = 90$. Which we all agree, is a day light robbery.


I'm told by Fido that it's been charged by Aeromobile, which is the internet provider on Swiss airplanes. That they can not credit the amount (They finally credited it partly). 


I never specificially authorized that service. I would have obviously denied it!


I'm using Fido's Nomad services thinking that all my internet usage is cover!! Especially when I'm in Montreal!! 


I have been a Fido customer for Decades. So How come Fido, is taking side with Aeromobile scammer? 




Le mois dernier, j'étais sur le chemin du retour dans un avion de la société Swiss. Lorsque l'avion est arrivé et a atterri à l'aéroport de Montréal, j'ai envoyé un simple message texte à ma très charmante épouse.


Pendant tout le trajet, mon téléphone était éteint, jusqu'à ce que nous atterrissions à l'aéroport de Montréal. J'ai reçu sur ma facture Fido un montant supplémentaire de 90 $, pour un petit message texte. Ils disent que j'ai utilisé 6 mo de données à 15 $ / mo = 90 $. Nous sommes tous d'accord, qu'il s'agit d'un cambriolage de haut niveau.


Fido me dit que cela a été facturé par Aeromobile, le fournisseur Internet des avions Swiss. Qu'ils ne peuvent pas créditer le montant (Ils l'ont finalement crédité en partie).


Je n'ai jamais spécifiquement autorisé ce service. Je ne l'aurais évidemment jamais autorisé!


J'utilise les services Nomade de Fido en pensant que toute mon utilisation d'Internet est couvert!! Surtout quand je suis à Montréal !!


J'ai été un client de Fido pendant des décennies. Alors Comment se fait-il que Fido prenne parti avec l'escroc d'Aeromobile?

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Re: Aeromobile and Swiss airlane scam

Hello Dalex,


  Welcome to the community!


  I'm sorry to hear that you received that awful surprise on your bill. However, your phone connected to the in-flight mobile services. While the website does not specifically mention in-flight roaming, it would be considered a Premium destination, similar to cruise ships.


~ taken from here.


  Both Wireless Maritime Services (cruise ships) and AeroMobile (in-flight network) offer roaming services in specialised areas not covered by traditional cellular service. If your phone was not turned off or not had Airplane or Flight mode enabled, it would have connected to the network.


  You should note that those networks are independent from other mobile providers. If you were with a different provider, you would have still been charged for usage on AeroMobile.


Hope this helps 😀





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Re: Aeromobile and Swiss airlane scam

Hello Vacationruined,


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  I was curious as to why WestJet would tell people to download their app and use it during the flight if there were additional costs, so I took a look at WestJet Connect. Unfortunately, it appears that your device connected to the Aeromobile cellular services rather than WestJet's complimentary entertainment services.


~taken from here.


  Since your device connected to the cellular network rather than WestJet's Wifi network, your usage would have been on Aeromobile. For the future, it's probably best to enable Airplane or Flight mode during flights.


Hope this helps 😀





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