Activation fee on BYOP

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Activation fee on BYOP

Hi, I ported two of my phone numbers from one network provider to Fido and am using my own phones. I had contacted Fido customer care to make this transfer. During Christmas there was promotion going on and customer representative had told me that Activation fee is waived off on both the phone numbers if I make the transfer. 

After I moved to Fido, I received a 1 time activation fee of 35$ on both the numbers and I am asked to pay 70$ unnecessarily. Can anyone help me how to deal with the situation. 

As the conversation was done with one of the representative, apparently Fido says there is no (waive-off) note made on my account. But if my conversation is recorded they can go through the conversation.

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Re: Activation fee on BYOP

Hey @ChetanK! Welcome to the community. Smiley


We'll be happy to help you with that. I'll send you a PM to get started.


Talk to you soon!

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