Account acces thru web....

Account acces thru web....

Account acces thru web....

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Account acces thru web....

Hi there,

I'm using win7 (Enterprise Edition) with the Chrome browser and I can't access my account thru the web.

I get to that page and can't get thru it.


I've tried Firefox and IE9 and experience similar problems, either I get the message saying there are "technical dificulties, try later" or I get a page with a bunch of error messages (with Java error codes) or it sits there and load forever without any reaction.


My system is up to date with all upgrades as are the browsers mentionned above. (I study web development so I have to be up to date with the latest technologies)

Can't remember when was the last time I managed to get thru, it's been like that since at least 6 months.


Any idea, someone?



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Community Manager

Hi there TTC1,


Sorry to hear about the issue.


Our support team is currently collecting examples for such issues therefore I invite you to contact customer service to report this. They will need to open a ticket which will be forwarded to the support team for investigation. The more examples we get, the sooner it will be resolved.


Sorry to everyone who is experiencing this issue. We understand that it is aggravating.