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2 year contract with device upgrade

I have a question for you that someone asked me. If you upgrade your device on a 2 year service that requires a medium plan but choose a large plan, can you switch to a medium plan without extra charges or penalty?  I assumed that the answer was yes but then thought I should confirm it before giving disinformation. Thanks all


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Hello Original_Lucy,


  Are you referring to entering a new two-year contract? If you are, then I believe the terms medium and large plans are no longer applicable. Those plan types are associated with subsidised plans where the device subsidy was incorporated into the plans. Fido recently switched to a financed model. This new model separates the phone costs from plan costs. You can read more about the new Payment Program here.


  If that customer was previously on a subsidised plan, they may have to switch to an in-market plan to finance a phone, as some subsidised plans might not be compatible with the new model.


  If that customer is currently on a 2-year contract with a large plan, they would be able to switch to a different large plan without any additional fees. However, if they wished to switch from a large to a medium plan, there would be a downgrade fee to accomodate the difference in device subsidies (large to medium).


Hope this helps 😀




Thanks for the reply. My friend upgraded her phone and the requirements were 2 yrs on a medium plan. She chose a large plan and was wondering if she could drop to a medium plan as that was the requirement at the time. Still in the first year of a 2 year contract. Thanks again. Stay safe

Hey @Original_Lucy


We no longer offer subsidized plans now as clarified by @Cawtau. Please have your friend reach out to us so we can take a look at her options.


She can contact us via our Social Media channels.