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Resolved! Question about Fido Internet Terms. Item 16, Your Content.

Hello, I recently signed up for Fido Home Internet and have read over the terms.  Item 16, Your Content, doesn't make sense to me, maybe I don't understand it correctly. It seems like any media content I upload, which I own the copyright for, Fido au...

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How to run an Internet Speed Test

Hey Community!   Are you curious about your Fido Internet speed? Why not run a speed test?   It’s really easy. Just go to, and select Begin Test.     Looking for some optimization tips? Don’t worry, we got you. Click here to learn...

Installing your Fido Internet Modem

Hey Community,   Now that you have your hands on a Fido Internet modem, it’s time to get it up and running! It’s simple, quick and  hassle-free. Check out the steps below.     You can also click here for the one-page Quick Start Guide.   NOTE - if E...

How to reset your Fido Internet modem

Hey Community!   If your Internet seems to be running less than optimally, and you’ve already done a speed test, here’s how you can reset your Fido Wi-Fi modem. All you need is a paper clip!     Now that your modem is reset, you can use Fido Easy Co...