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Modem return

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, I need help with returning the modem. I was suppose to receive a return package on October, and I haven't received it until now. Could I just get a return lable through email so I could reutrn it.


Thank you. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi @wldnjs87533! Smiley


For home internet returns, once the service is cancelled, the return slip is no longer sent out. You can either print one out, or pass by Canada Post and they can print it for you (if you have no printer).


To print it out :

Create a Free Canada Post Return Label Online

    1. Using this link, click  Print a Return Label.
    2. Enter PR823007 in the Canada Post Return ID Number field and click Continue.
      • The Print a Return Label page will load with Return Information for Rogers Communication Canada Inc. 
    3. Complete Your Contact Information section.

      Fill in all the mandatory fields:

      First Name:
      Last Name:
      Email: The email address in which to receive the label.
      Address Line 1:
      Postal Code:


  1. In the Item Details section, select the radio button beside Yes to confirm that the item(s) weigh less than 65lbs.
  2. In the Email Notification section, check Exception or Delivery or both.
  3. Click Continue.
    • You’ll see the information you’ve entered on the form. Click Edit if you need to make changes to any of the fields.
  4. Click GET LABEL.
  5. Check your email (including your junk folder) for a copy of the return label.
    • You’ll also receive a tracking number in your email. Keep the tracking number provided for your records.
  6. Securely pack the items to be returned in a box.
    Fido Internet: Internet modem/gateway, Power Supply or cord
  7. Print the label and attach it to package with the items you are returning.
  8. Drop off the package at any Canada Post office.


If you cannot print it, go to a Canada Post outlet and follow these steps. 


  1. Securely pack the item(s) to be returned in a cardboard box (all pre-existing labels removed) or purchase a shipping-ready box from Canada Post.
    Fido Internet: Internet modem/gateway, Power Supply or cord
  2. Bring the package to any Canada Post location and present the Canada Post representative with the return policy number PR823007.
  • Providing this number will ensure you are not billed for the delivery charges.
  • You’ll be provided with a tracking number at the end of the process.

3. Attach the return label that is printed for you to the box, and hand the parcel to the Canada Post agent to process the shipment


I hope this info helps! Very_Happy