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Home Internet Setup Chaos

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently purchased home internet from Fido (Thursday) and is having a hard time getting this set up. A technician showed up at my place the day after without an appointment and demanded to go into my unit. I cannot let him into the unit as I was at work and I was told that the technician will only require to do work outside my building and does not have to go into my suite. Anyhow, he decided to leave the modem at the security desk and said he will help me set up the modem over the phone that same night. That didn't happen until two days later. We were finally doing this over video call, and within 2 minutes he said nothing will work and he will have to come to my unit tomorrow (Monday) and will give me a call in the morning to set up an appointment for the evening. I have heard nothing back from this technician. The same night, I contacted Fido to set up an appointment for installing the modem. The earliest they had was two days later (Wednesday), so i booked it. On Wednesday morning, the technician called saying that i will have to book another appointment because my building is new and runs fibre optic. There is nothing he can do for me even if he is up in my unit. The agent who i spoke with the other night book the wrong service for me. Now i am currently on the phone with Fido for nearly two hours, got transferred twice (from customer serivce to tech support and now probably got transfer back to customer service for whatever reason) and still couldn't schedule a proper appointment to set up my internet. With a big company like Fido, I don't understand why it is so hard to do something as simple as getting my internet service started.



Hey @LWChung !


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This is definitely not the type of experience we aim to provide, so I'm truly sorry to hear about the situation.


Do you still need help with your account set up? 


If so, I'll send you a PM so we can look into this together!