Fido internet cancellation gone totally wrong...

Fido internet cancellation gone totally wrong...

Fido internet cancellation gone totally wrong...

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Fido internet cancellation gone totally wrong...

I contacted support to cancel internet late Nov. Cancellation set for early Dec. It was cancelled but then I received a bill for a ONE DAY charge and modem rental fee for ENTIRE MONTH, even though it was canceled on my billing end date and modem already returned.


Also I returned my modem WAY before the 30 day allowed, in fact, modem returned and received by Fido already before the plan was even cancelled. Yet I just received an email asking me to return the modem or face $250 full charge for unreturned modem. Seriously??? I should have received a REFUND for the days unused instead of this.


When I was cancelling the plan, the rep on chat sent me a link to create a return label, so I did. Then 2 days after that email, I received another email with a Canada Post tracking number for the return, but the label doesn't even have my full address on it. So I used the label I printed first to return it, but now the email I received asking me to return modem shows the tracking number from the SECOND email.


Can a mod please help me. Who can I PM? Thanks.

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I have exact same issue. I followed the  instruction  from  the first  Fido  email  to print  a return label  and  shipped  the modem with a tracking number  which is different  from  the  tracking  number received two  days  after  by  Fido email.  The  modem  has been returned  and  delivered  to  Fido but  I am  still getting  emails  from Fido  saying that  the  modem  has  not  been  returned. the reason is  only  that  the tracking number I generated from  the first  Fido  email instruction  is totally different  from  the  tracking number send by  Fido system two  days  later through an email. Please help!

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If you sent the modem back with the waybill printed from first email and the tracking is different than the one received in the second one, it's not a problem at all. You can simply ignore the second email, this should also be stated somewhere in the second email. 


It's important to know that there can be a delay for the return to be processed at the warehouse though, especially now during the Holidays. 


If the return still hasn't processed on your account by now, let us know here and we'll send you a PM here on the community to see that can be done to speed this up a little Smiley


Hey @usernamechanged


That does not sound right! I'll send you a PM so we can look into this with you. Talk soon!