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Can't use same account when going from Fido to Rogers

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi all, 


I just got a call (supposedly) from Rogers, with a promotion for a higher speed paying slightly less than what I'm paying now with Fido. My only issue is: the agent said that he needed my husband's information, because he can't open a Rogers account for a person with Fido account.


Is this correct? He tried to explain, but it still makes little sense to me. I'm worried that it might be a scam, since every number calling from Rogers shows as "Likely Spam".


Thank you in advance. 


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


  Hi Anthony,


Above you can see the numbers that called me on that day (the call was hung up when transferring between agents, but they called right back again, using a different number).


To give an update on the situation, looks like it was really legit. A Rogers technician came to my house on Saturday to install everything and it looks ok, I just had to call Fido to get my previous home internet service cancelled and then I dropped the modem from Fido at a Fido store on the same day.


Sorry for being so suspicious, it just baffled me that I couldn't have a Rogers account in my name, that I needed to create it under my husband's name (and what if there was no other adult living with me?), but all good now.


Thank you for your time. 




Hey @AraceliT,


Welcome to the Community!


To clarify, are you authorzed on the account Normally, we do ask for the account holder's information as long as your authorized on the account.


Can you hare the phone number that contacted you?