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Being charged extra by fido and rogers!!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was offered an upgrade to ignite by fido rep through the chat session and I was told installation fee will be waived and also they asked me to give fido modem to technician which I did. 
now after about 2 weeks I am still being charged by fido!!! and also I am bieng billed by Rogers too. Installation is added to my bill because Rogers cannot find history of my chat with Fido, and also Fido has not canceled my account becauase they cannot locate old modem!! 
I have contacted fido and Rogers 5 times and each time they ask me to contact the other part, I have all the chat transcripts which indicate what I was offered and what I was supposed to get. 
I should not be chasing fido and rogers to resolve such an issue after being a customer for 13 years !!!!



Hey @kiarasha! Sorry to hear about your experience. 

We'll need to have access to your account, so please contact us so we can have a look into this with you.