The new and improved Fido My Account app is here!

The new and improved Fido My Account app is here!

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Hey Community!


Notice all the cool new features in the My Account app? If you haven’t, that may be because you haven’t downloaded the newest version yet.


What’s so new about the app? Most importantly, you now get 5 extra hours of data. Free. Awesome right? That’s 1 hour, 5 times a month, with all Fido PulseTM plans.


On top of that, you’ll find new functionalities, such as:


  • PIN authentication
  • An inbox where you’ll receive messages from Fido
  • The ability to initiate a plan change and/or a phone upgrade
  • Touch ID login! (compatible phones only) 


Screen Caps EN.png



Of course, these are in addition to all the other existing features:


  • Track your data, airtime, text messaging and long distance usage according to your schedule
  • View your bill, and save/print a PDF with full details (Account holders only)
  • Make a secure payment with your Credit Card on-the-go
  • Manage your travel options
  • Edit your contact information and billing address without calling us
  • Change your method of payment in just a few taps
  • Switch up your add-ons straight from your phone!
  • Get info to keep you moving with DeviceAdvice
  • Check your network status with NetworkAid


With all these useful features, one wonders what we’ll add next!


Let us know what you think in the comment section below Smiley





I'm Back
I'm Back

P.S. What's the shortcut to access the account features on the web? 


Hey @chrissycee75!


Data Bytes can only be accessed through the app, it should work on the tablet.


For it to work, here are the requirements:


- Android operating system (OS) version 4.2 and up or iPhone iOS version 8.2 and up

- Fido My Account app version 3.1.1 and up


Is your tablet running Android 4.2 and up and do you have the latest version of the app?



I'm Back
I'm Back

My tablet is running Android 6.0.1. I cannot find the app on Google Play. The only app I can find is something called "Fido App Zone" but it seems to show only popular apps, not account information. 

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Former Moderator

Hey @chrissycee75


I just wanted to clarify that at the moment the App is not supported on tablets, sorry about that. Once it is we'll update this thread.


And again our apologies!