The Fido20 Tour begins!

The Fido20 Tour begins!

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Hey Community!


You’ve probably heard by now; FIDO JUST TURNED 20!! WOOOO! PARTY!!


To celebrate our anniversary, we are going to spoil our customers with gifts. And because we’re only 20 and just getting started, why not have the party last 2 months?


We kicked off our celebration by giving our customers millions of GB's of free data, and now it’s time for the Fido20 Mobile tour!


We are inviting everyone to share in Fido’s 20th Anniversary celebration through a series of live events across the country and on social media. We’ll be touring Canada and bringing fun celebrations and cheer to all!


Our Fido20 Mobile tour will kick off on October 28 for a 7-week cross-country trip from our home town of Montreal to Vancouver.


A team of 6 awesome Fido reps will be travelling across Canada in a decked out bus. It’s coming your way loaded with tons of gifts and cool surprises from LG!


We'll stop at high traffic locations across the country, visiting Fido retail locations, radio stations and even pay a surprise visit to Fido customers in their homes and get them to play Fido’s Anniversary Game to win prizes. We'll also stop by for “surprise and delight” moments along the tour by buying coffee, lunch or gas for unsuspecting customers.


Excited yet?


All the tour details can be found on You’ll even be able to track the Fido20 Mobile tour using our Map!



 This is just a screenshot. For the actual map, visit



Can’t be there? No worries. We’ve always got something for you. Follow us on our Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for a chance to win many other gifts #Fido20Contest. Keep a close eye on our snapchat (fidomobile) too; the Tour team will be posting some behind the scene pics each day!  


“Wow, first data giveaways, and now this? What an incredible way to celebrate a birthday!”


Make sure to check out our blog again in a week or so. We may just have more awesome news!! Wink


May the celebrations begin (continue)! 





I'm a Visitor belgarath64
I'm a Visitor

Yet another company that thinks Canada ends in Vancouver......maybe come to the capital of B.C. sometime.

Former Moderator FidoMaria
Former Moderator

Hi @belgarath & welcome to the Community!


We’re super excited to be hitting the road for the Fido20 Mobile Tour over the next few months. We’re going to as many locations as we can, but won’t be able to go everywhere. Sad


As mentioned in the blog, there will be plenty other ways for those who can't physically be there to participate, so keep an eye out! Wink

I'm a Visitor DD13
I'm a Visitor

And I'm in moncton new Brunswick 

I'm a Visitor DD13
I'm a Visitor

 well had 2 badges lost one what did I do wrong 

Former Moderator FidoTerry
Former Moderator


Welcome to the community @DD13! Smiley


We won't be in New Brunswick but we will start our tour in Quebec. No worries, we will have more surprises coming out soon. 


As for the new badges, you still have have them. One it's for your first reply and one for registering. You should have a 3rd one now since I just gave you a like. Tongue 


Keep on earning those badges. Very_Happy

I'm a Visitor Wardxz
I'm a Visitor

Hey there. Signed up back in June from a rival company. Really enjoy the service. I know the tour is stopping iin Toronto but I noticed your route is going through Barrie. Were you stopping there on the way through? If not then where in Toronto will you be? 

Former Moderator FidoSamantha
Former Moderator

Hey @Wardxz !


Welcome to the community Smiley We're definitely happy to hear that you're enjoying your services and it's great to have you with us.


The locations aren't 100% confirmed but don't worry! We'll have the information available before we get there.


Stay tuned on Very_Happy

I'm Back jjonah
I'm Back
This looks like a super cool event. I can't wait for the tour to hit Toronto Smiley
Former Moderator FidoMaria
Former Moderator

@jjonah! I bet it'll be awesome; can't wait for you to tell us about your experience there! Very_Happy

I'm a Visitor bgdickinson
I'm a Visitor

Although I am 100% pleased with my 2 Fido packages.  I am/was very disapointed to see all of  Atlantic Canada skipped on your 20th Anniversary Tour.



ps ... Thank you for the 500 mg of extra data on my two phones (Nexus 4 and LG4)

Moderator (inactive) FidoFaiza
Moderator (inactive)

Hi @bgdickinson,


Happy to hear you are happy with the services Smiley


I will make sure your sentiments get to the right people. Stay tuned on to see what other surprises we got for you.






I'm a Visitor ka-bling
I'm a Visitor

How do I earn badges?

Former Moderator FidoMaria
Former Moderator

Hi @ka-bling & welcome to the Community! Smiley


There are tons of ways to earn badges: creating new threads, answering other threads, coming up with solutions, liking comments, etc. Basically, the more you participate in the Community, the more badges you'll earn! Exciting right? Wink


You can get more info about badges here.



I'm a Contributor Level 1 JimA
I'm a Contributor Level 1

I notice you pass right by both prairie provinces without stopping. Do no the people in Mb and Sk count? How typical of Fido to forget the country has 10 provinces and 3 Territories. You disappoint.


Hey JimA!


As much as we would like to, we won’t be able to go everywhere. 

Keep an eye out here for other ways that you can participate in the celebrations. 

I'm a Visitor hunjan
I'm a Visitor

Happy birthday Fido.....I have been with Fido since 2008 because I love their customer service and network #fido20community #fido20contest

I'm Back Gjs2
I'm Back

You obviously can't get everywhere but I am disappointed that halifax is not on your tour. 


Hey @Gjs2


Welcome to the Community. Smiley 


We’re going to as many locations as we can, but don't worry if you can't make it. You can come join the fun at

I'm Back Reid705
I'm Back

Happy Birthday Fido! Here's to anbother 20 years. I loved my plans so much I had my wife switch from a competitor to Fido 4 yrs ago and we're still here. Smiley



Former Moderator FidoManuel
Former Moderator

Thanks for the love and loyalty @Reid705

Welcome to the Community Smiley