Potential Canada Post labour disruption

Potential Canada Post labour disruption


Hey Community!


As some of you may already be aware, there’s a potential Canada Post labour disruption around the corner. If this goes down, paper invoices will not be delivered for the duration of the disruption.


What to do now? The solution is simple: Register to online billing! (if you’re not already)


Here are the advantages to online billing:


  • Ability to download, print and save a PDF version of bills.
  • No need to rely on Canada Post
  • Access up to 18 months of bill history.
  • Ability to see full usage details, including a breakdown of charges
  • Ability to download bill details to a spreadsheet to further analyze usage
  • Ability to manage your account and make online payments.
  • Monthly email from Fido when the online bill is ready to let you know your balance.  We even include a link to view your bill
  • Increased level of coolness


Eager to register? Here’s how:


1- Go to fido.ca and register or log-in to My Account.




2- Under the Profile section, click on the pencil beside Billing Type.


Image 2.png


Image 3.png


3- Select Online.


Image 4.png


4- Click Save.


5- Enjoy the awesomeness of online billing


And for those who send in their payments by mail, you might want to check out the other payment options available to you Wink


When the labour disruption is over, you will continue to receive an email notification every month when your bill is ready so that you can choose to view, download and print at any time.  If you’d rather start receiving a paper bill in the mail again, there is no need to contact us: we will send you an email with a simple link for you to click on to let us know.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a comment



I'm a Visitor
I'm a Visitor

Hi my name is Claudia, I want to pay my bill but I have some problems, I want to know why I have to pay $313 for calls because I have unlimited calls?


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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Welcome to the community @Claudia71.


Did you have a chance to check your invoice on Fido.ca > Billing and Payment > Download PDF? You will be able to view the details of your invoice afterwards.

I'm Back
I'm Back

On July 28th I received an email message from Fido Bill that my bill is ready.  I never signed up for online billing and was not given prior notice that I was being switched from paper to online billing.  Why was I switched?  I wasn't charged a fee for paper billing.  Is there now a fee for paper billing?  I can't find any current conclusive information on the fido.ca web site about whether there is now a fee for paper billing or not.  I should have been notified if there were changes to add a fee for paper billing and that I was being swtiched to online billing & why.

Moderator (inactive)
Moderator (inactive)

Hey @spinkitty



Welcome to the Community! Smiley 


Due to the Canada Post labour disruption customers have been enrolled to online billing to make sure they receive a copy of their invoice. However there are still no fees for paper billing. There are many benefits to being subscribed to online billing as it keeps a record of your invoice history for up to 18 months!


Once the Canada Post labour disruption finished you should receive an email with a link providing you the option to continue receiving your bill via Canada Post. However if you chose to do so right away you can also log into My Account to unsubscribe from online billing. 


Here's how: 


1- Log into My Account

2- Click on Profile & Settings

3- Click on the edit option under ``Billing Type``

4- Select ``Paper`` and save


I hope this was helpful. 

I'm Back
I'm Back

Hi Pierre.  Thanks for the welcome to the community, thanks for answering my question, and thanks for the quick response.  I had already switched back to paper billing.  While online billing will be available for 18 months, my paper bill will be available to me as long as I keep it, which in my case will likely be for longer.. 😉