Notice a few changes?

Notice a few changes?





Hey Community!


We’re constantly working to make the Community a better place for everyone, and we wanted to share a few updates we’ve recently made to enhance your overall experience. Excited? :Happy:


Firstly, we’ve optimized the search engine to display recommended results.


The search tool will now hover the relevent or Fido-certified articles at the top of the results in order to save you time. This will especially come in handy when searching for a popular term, like voicemail or data. These article will be identified by the ‘’Recommended’’ icon. 





Secondly, we implemented a cool feature we call Content Mentions. This allows you to call out specific posts within the body of a message.


Here’s how it works:


Let’s say you're responding to a message on the Community and you want to link to another post that includes some helpful information. Simply type the @ symbol and a default list of suggestions will appear in a pop-up. Punch in a few key words and a more specific list of recommendations will be displayed. Try it! It’s pretty cool.




And last but not least, we launched a new Message Editor. It has way more options than the previous version, such as a streamlined editing pane and an in-line image and video editor.




We also added a BUNCH of new emojis! Check em out 💛👀🐶🥂🏖💯🆒😍🤙


As usual, we’ll be launching more cool features throughout the year :Wink:


Let us know what you think!